Motorhead – changes.

By On February 4, 2014

Quick note for all imotorhead visitors.

Thanks for visiting the site.  As you may have noticed, the site is undergoing some changes.  Shortly, we hope to add many new features and create something really special for the fans who visit  There’s no timetable in place, just some great ideas and some eagerness to grow the experience.

As any forum regulars will also notice, we’ve brought back some of the old topics that were lost in the last changeover.  That section will undergo some changes over the next several months.  We’ve added a new Global Mod: MHofficialMod.  He’s a solid guy.

Here’s to Lemmy’s health improving, and seeing the band back on the road soon!  Secondly, here’s the 2014 and beyond.  We are all looking forward to the future!

Thanks, the CIC team

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